Nowadays, everyday there will be huge numbers of videos uploaded online by netizens worldwide. Not all of them are your favorites. In addition, you may just like the MP3 audios in the video, not really the video itself. In this case, you may wonder how to extract MP3 from FLV, or say extract MP3 from YouTube because many people choose to share their videos on YouTube. That will really cool if we could just extract MP3 from FLV so that we could enjoy them on our portable devices more easily. There do have some software out there which will plug in a video converter to convert YouTube FLV to MP3. Generally, it may lose lots of quality while converting video to audio. Here comes the good news: Audio Recorder is a professional tool for to extract MP3 from FLV, extract MP3 from YouTube. Therefore, FLV to MP3 is possible and with high quality.

Here is why Audio Recorder is special:

With advanced technology to extract MP3 from FLV videos, YouTube videos, Audio Recorder works with sound card in loopback mode to extract MP3 from FLV videos, YouTube videos. Once the FLV video is playing, this recorder can detect and record any sound directly from your PC sound card in the background. What you hear from FLV video is what you will get later, without any audio quality loss because DAC (digital-to-analog-converter) on sound card not involved in recording process. Also, Audio Recorder supports split MP3s melody into pieces automatically by silent pauses. Meanwhile, after recording the MP3 file, you can edit ID3 tags as title, artist, album, genre as you like. So you can have your own audio library for your good.

How to use Audio Recorder?

  1. Install and launch Audio Recorder.
  2. If you don't like MP3 default format then may click to customize your own output format.
  3. Play any videos on
  4. Click the "Start Record" to extract MP3 from FLV video.
  5. After all steps have finished, click "Records list" to check the extracted MP3 files.

All in one, Audio Recorder is the best software to extract MP3 from FLV, extract MP3 from YouTube videos, and many other videos.