Split music MP3

It's nice that we could download and record online music and online radios, therefore, we could listen to them wherever we are without being connected to the network. That's probably that why some music downloader are popular among netizens. Although most downloader software supports the downloading function, few of them can split MP3. Apart from the powerful record and download function, Audio Recorder is one of the best which enables you to split MP3 file as you wish.

Audio Recorder developers team dedicated to provide customer the most professional software. As you may be aware how Audio Recorder works to download and record online music and online radios, this article will focus on how to split MP3 and thus meet your specific demand. One of our special function is to split MP3. Actually, this software will automatically split MP3 while you are recording them. For instance, record Last.fm music for an hour and you can get nearly 20 MP3 files. That's because our software will split MP3 file automatically according to the pause between two MP3s. If you don't like this kind of splitting, you can also manually cut music, here are the simple steps for you to cut MP3:

  1. Launch Audio Recorder and click the "Settings" button.
  2. Select VOX tab and turn VOX feature on. Default settings will work with most audio streams.
  3. Then you could click the "Records list" to see how it work.

Long time recording

Sometimes you need to record few hours of sound, but don't wish to use "fast forward" to find desired portion of recording. Audio Recorder provides easy way to split long time recordings into equal parts with predefined length:

  1. Launch Audio Recorder and click the "Settings" button.
  2. Select Automation tab and turn Auto-splitter feature on. Also, you can activate Auto-stop function.

Split MP3 after recording finished

Wish to split huge audio file or cut only small part for mobile ringtone? You can use our free audio editor. It can load MP3, WAV and WMA files and offers easy to use functions to cut/copy/paste/delete audio segments.

With Audio Recorder, you cannot only download online music, but also you could split MP3. From now on, how to split MP3 is not a question for you anymore. Try it now!