How to download SHOUTcast music with Radio Recorder?

What's Shoutcast?

SHOUTcast is server software for streaming media developed by Nullsoft. It allows digital audio content, primarily in MP3 or HE-AAC format, to be broadcast to and from media player software, enabling hobbyists and professionals to create Internet radio networks. At least one GPL'd compatible streaming system also exists, Icecast. SHOUTcast is cross-platform, and freeware.

- From Wikipedia

From the brief introduction of SHOUTcast above, we come to the simple conclusion that SHOUTcast is nice. And definitely there will lots of people follow SHOUTcast. Will you be satisfied by just listen to them online? Oh, you won't, will you? It's for more exciting to download SHOUTcast, download SHOUTcast streams. Plus, download SHOUTcast streams is not really difficult as you might think. Here's what you need: Audio Recorder, the ideal SHOUTcast downloader is a great software for you to download SHOUTcast and you know what, it's easy to use. SHOUTcast downloader's powerful function will greatly help you to download SHOUTcast.

The main functions of SHOUTcast downloader includes:

  • 27,000+ online Radio Resources
  • Play and record SHOUTcast Radio Stations
  • Manual-edit ID3 tags
  • Convert recorded songs into MP3, OGG and WMA

And it's super easy to use. The following steps will help you to achieve to download SHOUTcast:

Step 1 Download and install Audio Recorder

Step 2 Search & Play SHOUTcast Station

Audio Recorder support 27,000+ popular internet radio stations of SHOUTcast protocol. You can search any internet stations.

Step 3 Record

Right-click the station you are playing and select "Record".

Please remember to click first to preset the output path of recorded files. The downloaded files will be listed in the file list.

download SHOUTcast

After recording, you may click to check it or right-click the selected file to play.

That's all you need to do to download SHOUTcast music. As I told you, simple, right? Therefore, you can not only just listen to SHOUTcast music, but also download SHOUTcast music. Just go and download SHOUTcast streams.


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