How to edit ID3 tags with Audio Recorder?

Audio Recorder is one of the best you have ever met to record and download online music, online radios, and many other kinds of sounds. Once the music being downloaded, you can save them to different kinds of audio formats, such as MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3, etc. And then you may enjoy on your portable devices wherever you are. That's a kind of real cool experience. You know what? Before doing that, save downloaded songs to your portable player, you can actually edit ID3 tags, in other words, you could edit track information for your convenience. This enables you to know exactly what you are listening to. Edit ID3 tags is a pretty easy job. Just several steps you can realize edit ID3 tags:

Step 1: Download and install Audio Recorder

Step2: Run Audio Recorder

Step3: Visit an online music site and select one piece of music to play. Audio Recorder will automatically detect the audio. Click the button Record.

Step4: Once the music is recorded, right click the recorded file and choose Track Info to edit ID3 tags, such as title, artist, album, genre to make your own music library as you like. Or, you can just simply to click the Track Info button on the top bar to achieve edit ID3 tags and save tag data by "Save Tag" button.

It's done. Easy to edit ID3 tags, huh? You also have the options to get ID3 tags if you are not quite sure about the music information. You will get all music track information displayed automatically. You may choose the easiest way for you to edit ID3 tags. Both are good and easy to edit ID3 tags.


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